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The Suonreuna set features two Velcro patches: one with the Kaksoset pattern and one with the Unikko pattern. The patches can be changed with the Ruunikko bag, Nurmikolle hat, Isoh t-shirt, and Proosa hoodie patches.

Marimekko’s famous poppy pattern Unikko was born in 1964 in a time when the design house’s collections featured mostly abstract prints. Designer Maija Isola wanted to create something interesting from this organic theme and designed an entire range of floral prints. Today, the iconic flower represents creativity.

Throughout her career, Maija Isola was both a print designer and a painter, and she often used the same motif in a painting as well as a fabric pattern. A good example is the pair of cats in the Kaksoset (twins) pattern, which appears in an almost identical form in a gouache painted by Isola.